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Testing Wrap 2012: Red Bull? McLaren? Lotus? Patience is the key…

Head on over to Bleacher Report to have a browse of the full article, in which the general consensus regarding the pre-season tests is laid out bare for all to see!


It seems as if it was only yesterday that Mark Webber dashed across the line to record his solitary victory of 2011 at the back of November. Yet after reviews, previews, Christmas, New Year and three preseason tests later, we are now just over a week from the start of what promises to be an utterly thrilling 2012 Formula One season.

The clever bet for 2012 would be Red Bull and their wunderkid, Sebastian Vettel, after a dominant 2011. Yet with the concept on which their dominance was built having been outlawed for this season, designers were forced to produce something else to topple the reigning champions.

Off-throttle diffuser blowing (pumping exhaust gas over the diffuser to produce extra downforce) has now been banned, which has resulted in slower testing times and more unpredictable handling. Combined with the higher degrading Pirelli tyres, which were introduced last year, this should theoretically produce more combative racing…


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